Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Season3 gear

MMO-Champion posted the screenshots with season3 gear, including arena, honor and badges gear. Honor gear includes, season1 arena gear, new rings, necklaces, bracers, belts and boots. Badges includes some PvE gear and PvP trinket and cloak. Arena gear includes the upgrade for season2 gear and new shields, 2 wands, libram, totem, idols and an axe if I remember well.

Small upgrades, new items and some interesting changes.

Melee classes and hunters will get armor penetration. This should increase the damage that cloth users will take from physical damage. Should not affect leather, mail and plate much because they got more armor bonus than cloth for season3 gear. Cloth got the armor bonus on season2, for season3 it's only 66 more armor.

The caster staff loses +spell hit and get spell penetration. Better for PvP, worse for PvE.

The new PvP trinket comes with different bonus, +47 damage/heal, +40 spell critical and +88 healing and 30 damage (there're 2 more for non-casters). They doesn't heal like the previous one you could get with honor. It increases total health by 1750 for 15sec, so it's not affected by healing penalties like Mortal Strike but only useful if you're taking damage. I'm not sure if the CD of the new and the old trinket is shared (the new ones are shared if you get 2 of them with different bonus).

Two new wands, one with +healing and another one without intellect but with spell penetration. I don't understand why they didn't released those with season1.. but w/e.

Blizz changed the arena gear bonus for gloves and 4pcs set. Not only for priests but mages, warlocks and I bet some other classes got changes too. I don't know if season1 and 2 gear will get their bonus replaced or not. (edit: Blizz confirmed that the bonus for season1 and 2 will not be changed, at least for gloves) Some old bonuses are really useless. They also changed how season1/2 and 3 gear interact, so now they stack for set bonus (basically, they ignore the merciless and vengeful words).

Priest gloves have different bonus for each set. DPS gloves reduces the damage you receive from SW:D by 10%. Healing gloves reduces the fear CD by 3sec. The 4pcs bonus is still the same as season2. Considering that with 2.3 all gear with +healing will get +damage bonus (33% of +healing), I'll probably get the healing gloves even with my shadow spec. (edit: Blizz changed the DPS gloves bonus, so both sets is the same, 3sec reduction on CD for Psychic Scream)

Mage gloves reduces the chance of interrupt by damage while casting sheep by 50% and the 4pcs bonus reduces the casting time of sheep by 0.15sec.

Warlock gloves reduces the chance of interrupt by damage while casting fear by 50% and the 4pcs bonus reduces the casting time of fear by 0.2sec (as Pyra said... why locks get 0.2sec reduction while the mages get 0.15sec? WTF?).

I'll post my tables comparing season2 and season3 gear for priests and mages later.

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