Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hallow's End and the Headless Horseman

Hallow’s end begins today and we can now farm the Headless Horseman. The headless horseman is a mob that can be summoned in Scarlet Monastery, drops epics and need a 5man group. You also need someone with a daily quest to summon it. Considering that you have someone in the group with the quest, you should be able to farm it over and over (remember the 5 instances/hour limit).

The loot table and strat for him can be found HERE. Some people will want the epics, but I think that what most people wants is the Sinister Squashling and the Swift Flying Broom/ Swift Magic Broom.

You can find a guide to the Hallow’s End quests HERE.

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Fergus said...

Very easy to kill unless the head runs VERY far away and your group can't DPS it fast enough.

The BoP loot can't be disenchanted nor sold to vendors, so, get only if you have use for it. You can always sell the brooms, Adresa got 5g for a blue one. I saw people selling the purple brooms for 20-50g.

Some loot never drops, I killed him 10x and haven't saw the plate helm or the pet.