Monday, October 29, 2007

BG daily quest rewards and PvP trinket

The bad news of the day. That's what a blue said about the 4k honor reward for the PTR BG daily quest...

It's off by a factor of 10. Battleground Daily quest bonus honor is supposed to be equivalent to 20 player kills at your level, ie 400 honor at level 70.

It's more or less a free battleground worth of honor, and that's what we've intended it to be. A bonus for hopping in that day's battleground.

There's a lot of concern that AV isn't providing as much honor as it is on live due to the changes on the PTR. Some changes have already gone in but we're still keeping track of and willing to make additional changes. We want the time/honor ratio of AV to be as close to what it is now as possible, and if it looks like that's not the case even after bumping the honor and decreasing the amount of resources then we'll make additional changes.

I was dreaming of doing only one BG/day... but it was too good to be true. At least we'll be able to get the PvP trinket with honor (30k honor and 40 AV marks), so I can use my badges to get the cloak or something else.

Screenshot from MMO-Champion.

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