Monday, October 22, 2007

Guild banks preview

Ah.. I was waiting for the guild bank preview to see if I would finally have only one mule to bank my items. Looks good, but a bit expensive (not a bit maybe.. it's REALLY expensive to free everything you can). My plan is to create a guild, only with my mule and have tons of bank space with the guild bank.

The PTR guild bank is divided in 6 tabs that can be configured to restrict access individually. Each tab will cost gold to be able to use and has 98 slots.
1st tab: 1 gold
2nd tab: 10 gold
3rd tab: 100 gold
4th tab: 1k gold
5th tab: 5k gold
6th tab: 10k gold (as if 5k wasn't expensive enough)

Well.. nobody will pay for more than 3-4tabs just for a mule (IMO.. but I know some people have A LOT of money..). But 3 tabs makes 111 gold to get 294 slots (38silver/slot, 2,8g/slot if you get the 4th tab). I feel sorry for non-hardcore raiding guild's GMs (it's 16,111 gold to free all 6 slots).

Compare with a normal bank. A normal bank starts with 24 slots and you can pay to free more tabs to put bags.
1st tab: 10 silver
2nd tab: 1 gold
3rd tab: 10 gold
4th tab: 25 gold
6th tab: 25 gold
7th tab: 25 gold

It's ~85 gold to free all tabs, then you have to buy the bags. Considering 16 slot bags, you can get 136 slots. Each bag cost ~6.5g, so ~46g. Total of 131g (97silver/slot). Getting 18 slot bags (or bigger) would give more bank slots but would make it more expensive.

You can get more info
HERE about all features.

Well.. seems like my mule will /gquit with 2.3. I already paid for the normal bank slots, so I'll have 430 slots, enough to kill my second mule and stop stocking things on alts I play ^_^. I just hope Blizz will not restrict the number of tabs per guild member or do something bizzare to piss me off when 2.3 goes live. Now I need a name for my guild.. hmm..

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