Monday, October 15, 2007

2.3 Priest changes..

Well.. they buffed every alliance priest racials but humans.. obviously, my priest is human. Now, human is the worst race for priest (alliance).

We got fear ward, but dwarfs and draenei got chastise.. and they buffed NE racials. So now, NEs are the best shadow priests and dwarfs the best holy/disc priests for PvP and draenei are the best holy/disc priests for PvE.

* Chastise (NEW) is now available to Dwarf and Draenei priests at level 20. Chastise causes Holy damage and incapacitates the target for 2 seconds.
It's a 0.5s cast spell with 20yd range, so it's a good interrupt for non-shadow priests. You could use it to escape too, but I don't think 2sec is enough. Ah.. 30s CD. I HATE YOU BLIZZ. -_-

* Circle of Healing: The base amount of healing from this spell has been reduced along with increasing the bonus it receives from bonus healing effects. Characters with more than 1338 healing will see their Circle of Healing heal for more than previous patches. Characters with less than 1338 healing will see their Circle of Healing heal for less.
* Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing and Holy Nova (healing effect) now gain additional benefit from spell damage and healing bonuses.
* Power Word: Shield now gains additional benefit from spell damage and healing bonuses. Base absorb values of ranks 10, 11 and 12 have been reduced.
Anyone knows how much is the bonus healing now? CoH MAY be more useful for PvE, but I doubt people will use it. For PvP, 0.5s Mass Dispel is still better.

* Elune's Grace (Night Elf) effect changed to reduce chance to be hit by melee and ranged attacks by 20% for 15 seconds. There is now only 1 rank of the spell.
* Starshards (Night Elf) is no longer channeled, costs 0 mana, is now a Magic effect, lasts 15 seconds, causes damage every 3 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown.
Hm.. NE got a free mana DoT and physical damage reduction........... I want that... T_T

* Fear Ward is now available to all priests at level 20. Duration reduced to 3 minutes, cooldown increased to 3 minutes.
Every priest got a nerfed fear ward now. So, I'm happy that at least dwarf/draenei priests can't make their entire arena teams immune to our fears.

* Fixed a bug where the global cooldown was triggered when shifting out of Shadowform.

* Meditation (Discipline) increased to 10/20/30% mana regeneration.
NICE change for PvE. A reason to get more spirit now.

* Pain Suppression (Discipline Talent) is now usable on friendly targets, instantly reduces the target's threat by 5%, reduces damage taken by 40% and its cooldown has been reduced to 2 minutes.
Definitely good. We may see more disc priests now.


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