Wednesday, July 11, 2007

YAY.. 5v5 team

We finally got more people to our 5v5. This time I think we'll be able to play. It's not a godly matrix but I think we have potential.

Now we have:

  • holy/disc priest (me)
  • affliction warlock (Adresa)
  • frost mage (Pyra)
  • combat mace rogue (Eclipsez)
  • combat sword rogue (Lurana)
  • ms warrior (Druin)
  • resto druid (Caspion)
and EVERYONE was online today. 16 wins/ 8 loss and we got to 1626 rating, not bad. We still have the weekend to play and get used to 5v5 and how each one of the team plays. And I have to make ventrilo to work here. Even if it gets difficult to manage, I want 2 more to our team, a holy paladin and another ms warrior so we have backups for everyone.

I had plans to change to shadow because it's a better combo with a affliction warlock for 2v2 and 3v3, but now I'm not sure (again =/). We would probably have to change to 4DPS team because of how many healers we have... hmm...


Carlos said...

Hey, you guys made it to the Arena Hall of Fame: Season One link...


Fergus said...

Hey C. Thx =).
I didn't even know there was a Hall of Fame thing lol.