Friday, July 6, 2007

Arena add-ons

I have some add-ons that helps a bit with arena. ArenaMaster is a must have. It tracks the name and classes of the opposing team when you pass the mouse over one of them and allows you to target clicking on the name. It also syncronize with your team if they use it too. Targeting is a pain and this can help (even though I'm not used to click on it because I played too much as holy).

There're similar add-ons like Arena Live Frames and SSPVP. I don't like Arena Live Frames and I'm trying SSPVP. SSPVP is not an arena specific add-on, I has a lot of features. It can also show how many points you get and your played percentage on your PvP tab.

Another add-on is Arena Point Master. It converts amount of rating to points and vice-versa, and calculates how much rating was the opposing team based on points you won or lost after a game.

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