Monday, July 2, 2007

Bash'ir Landing Event

Me and Adresa tried to get a group for this but failed. I really want to finish this. The event starts every 2 hours on even-numbered hours in Blade's Edge Mountains and starts with the spawn of an Aether-tech Assistant. I think we need at least 20man to complete it.

It sells some really nice gems and it's FREE!! I have tons of Apexis shards on my bag and have nothing to do with it, i'll get tons of gems if I get to complete the event.

After the event starts the NPC will stay near the well (where you get unstable flasks) till the end of the event unless he dies, while he's alive, you can buy unstable flasks from him (10 apexis shards each). Waves of mobs (some elites) keep coming. After sometime, some towers will spawn and start firing AoE bombs on the NPC. Must kill the towers or the NPC will die. Comments on Wowhead says that Aether-tech Adept spawns after the towers are down. This NPC sells blue BoP gems for 40 apexis shards each (click the NPC link to see the gems). Waves of mobs keep spawning till Aether-tech Master spawn. The Master sells 2 BoP meta gems (160 apexis shards each), Accelerator Module that is used to summon a elite (35 apexis shard) and some Metamorphosis Geode (4 apexis shards) that I don't know what it's used for. The NPCs stays for some minutes before despawn.

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