Saturday, July 14, 2007

Guild ranking observation and Zul'Aman

I really liked WowJutsu. Looking at guild ranking I can see that few people can really play all the end game content.

A lot of guilds can see SSC (Serpentshrine Caverns) and The Eye but when you start looking for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple... Today I counted 109 guilds (from US servers, WowJutsu doesn't scan EU armory yet) that can kill a boss in any of those 2 raid instances. Considering that Nihilum killed all the bosses from BT on the first week after the patch release this is really... how can I say... too few.

Even with the raid's size reduction, the guilds that can see the end game content are still only a few. The way it's now, non-hardcore guilds will never be able to see everything (like few people really killed something in Naxx). But I have high expectations for Zul'Aman. I think instances like Zul'Aman where you can get different loot if you do something more than killing the bosses are really good (in this case, timer to clear like 45min Strat). And I can see more and more instances like Zul'Aman. It's like heroic mode for raids. You get casuals and hardcores guilds happy without the need to create different content. Both can get what they want without having to wait a new patch that will only be released in two/three months. Not only that, Blizzard will eventually run out of heroes and villains in warcraft lore for us to kill if they keep creating instances only for hardcore players.


Carlos said...

Well, the last boss is a horde heroe from the second war so even if its not only for harcore players we're still killing heroes :P from the lore.

Fergus said...

But we killing a supposed already DEAD hero... They're resurrecting the dead so we can kill them again lol.

Carlos said...

He died? when did that happened? not in warcraft II. I thought he just vanished at the end of the second war.

Fergus said...

I took a look at Wowwiki and you're right, he's not dead, only disappeared.