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Friday, June 29, 2007

Second week - First 10 games

Because our current rating is low right now for 3v3 (had ~1678) I decided to go shadow to test. It was BAD, but much better than I expected. Considering my uber DPS gear with 300 damage and 650 healing =P, and the fact that I never played as DPS in arena, winning 4 games is quite good.

I can't really do damage but it seems really easy to force a paladin to bubble, dot, fear, silence and he uses bubble. I still need better timing with my mass dispel. Silence and talent bonus to reduce resists with fear feels really nice. Next time I want to try to use a one tick mind flay and maybe VT at the start to stack debuff on our sheep target. A paladin can't dispel it right away with detect magic, polymorph, misery, VT and shadow vulnerability debuff.

I think we can do well when I get some better gear. Pyra can't play this weekend so next monday I plan to go shadow again to try it a bit more. This weekend I'll try to get Terokkar PvP ring and get exalted with Lower City to get the epic mace. Depending on the shadowcloth and primal might price on AH I'll make a Frozen Shadoweave chest piece and Battlecast head and pants (bye bye epic mount for Kat) =(.


Pyra said...

GG Aelwen.

360 damage? GG. Go get Aldor's crit trinket. Pop trinket, dot, dot, dot, die. =) At least you'll do some damage...

Where is the in-depth analysis? Where are the 10 games comments, move by move ("Game1: Warrior one-shoted me. I blame the mage" "Game2: Rogue 2-shoted me. I still blame the mage" )


Fergus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fergus said...

It's not 360.. it's 310 +damage lol. And I was using Aldor's trinket, but I'm not used to pop trinket yet hehe.

About the in-depth analysis.. well.. I can't really remember all games but game1 I remember well.. the warrior killed me before I could do anything because we lacked a FN/sheep in the beginning. I can't remember the rogue on game2 but probably was the mage's fault too (easier to blame you than myself) =P.

I could FRAPS all games, but I don't have patience too review all of them, so don't expect that kind of analysis >_<.