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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Arena Season2 - First week

With the start of season2 I got some gear upgrades. Considering our 3v3 team matrix (priest, warlock, mage) we thought about having Aelwen playing shadow and Adresa (warlock) going affliction. Pyra is frost (17/0/51) and has no plans to change spec and Adresa said nothing to me about wanting to change from demo. Going shadow means that I have to get used to new spells and the teams needs a new playstyle.

After some discussion I decided to go holy/disc at least till I could get a second arena set or having my paladin up to lvl70 (haha). Then, I got Merciless Mooncloth head and should pieces from arena and Veteran's Salvation necklace and ring.

And then.. Adresa respec'ed affliction, saying she hates playing demo. Well.. I don't really have a problem with her playing affliction but now I don't know what to do. We already had problems with rogues, now we'll have more problems with the lock without soul link. We're more squish without having more burst to take one down fast and Adresa is not the type of player that moves around to kite and play with LOS, and Pyra is obviously an offensive player (more like kamikaze =P). I'm don't know if I go shadow, only with some tailor gear (cause I don't have arena and honor points to get gear now) or if I keep going holy/disc with my current gear. Well.. we'll see what happens this week..


Carlos said...

Hey Aelwen, Grats on your blog and I'm so telling Adresa and Pyra what your are saying about them =P.

I'm also telling E about the mastery change, she whinnes that transmute procs once every full moon or so.

Carlos said...

Ohh, this is Ceorl by the way.

Adresa said...

I just read your blog and all i have to say is: I am sorry.

Dont take my respec so seriously... Thats pretty much the resume of what i have to say. I dont like Demon. That IS true. At least Pyra knew it. I dont remember ever telling you that... I know... But i know that Demon will win a few games for us. I am willing to go back soon or later when that will really matter. Dont worry.

I am a terrible kitter? Yeah, i know. I blame most of it to my laziness and my lag. I hope my boyfriend´s druid will help me out on this... A succesfull druid that doesnt kitte? OMG that doesnt exist! Perhaps my new affliction build will make me move more and learn a few more tatics that will work. Don´t know how long i will try Affliction for arena... so...

What i know is that I just need some vacations. Seriously. It is a game and i have no intention to take it too seriously. Arena was a partial job for us in the end and now i see no reason for that. We are good, and we know it. We have everything we could wish for. Gear? Its not a big problem anymore... We know that if we put some effort to it, we can manage that. And manage to be on top ;-)

You want to prove somebody that YOU are the best player? Kick me out! I mean it! I dont care. You think you need a lock to be the best? Ok, give me your info, so i can play and i will give you MY info so you can play that omfg ezmode Warlock. Its not that big of a deal.

You want to win? I want that too. That is why i am willing to go back to demon after a while. That is why i will play the most effective spec for arena. BUT i dont think we will win that season in our first few weeks. I dont think we will have any need to brag about our ratings anymore. We ARE Gladiators! No one cares for those 1700 ratings now that we know we can get better. We can get there.

I didnt mean to let you down or anything like that, but when i read your blog, that is what i thought. I dont want to feel like a traitor. You want to go shadow? For gods sake, DO IT! I dont care about your gear. I think we can manage those 2v2 teams pretty well and we wont be losing that much of gear for our trade in for fun.

Let me know if you have anything to talk ;-)


Pyra said...

Good Lord... And your bf sux. =P

I'm not kamikaze! How many times did I die before you or Adresa? ;-)

And Adresa is right. It's not about gear or about being the number one. It's about the joy of humiliating and crushing our opponents without mercy. (^^)v

Fergus said...

Bah.. you don't die because you have IB and people don't try to kill the frost mage first. Maybe you don't remember when you was trying Arc/Fire? hehe

Well.. I don't care about crushing and humiliating my opponents that much. But.. I'm sure that without gear and getting hit by a warrior or rogue it's quite difficult to crush and humiliate them. hehe