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Monday, June 25, 2007

First post

Yeah.. I decided to start a blog so people can QQ all I want about WoW. I still trying to figure out how this blog thing works, so don't expect a functional layout, lots of posts or beautiful logo yet.

I current play a holy/disc priest on Uldum server (Cyclone battlegroup) named Aelwen. I have 3 arena teams:

2v2 Psycho Cloth ended 51th of the Battlegroup on Season1 with 2270 rating and gave us a Netherdrake and gladiator title =) the only one on our server for Alliance faction
3v3 Tender Meat ended with 2015 rating on Season1
5v5 WTB Name that we played like 30games.. =/

Not top team, but we done pretty good considering our 400-600ms latency (yeah.. everyone in my 2v2 and 3v3 lives in Brazil).

I also have a 70 mage to play some PvE content.


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